4 Tips for Getting Through the Holidays with Grace

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4 Tips for Getting Through the Holidays with Grace 

Contrary to most holiday albums, the holidays are not always the most peaceful time of the year. Everything from gift lists to the in-laws can weigh on the mind and create stress. Fortunately, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you center yourself and connect with what’s most important to you during this season. Whether you need a day of pampering or another cup of eggnog, there are ways to help you take on the holidays with grace.

Make Time for Yourself

In the midst of cooking, cleaning, planning, and shopping, make it a priority to take time just for yourself. Sit quietly and recharge. Bundle up and go for a walk. Blast your favorite songs and dance it out. Brief time-outs allow you to come back to your tasks with more efficiency and enthusiasm. It’s amazing how many of us plow through things without ever giving ourselves a brain break and then wonder why we’re exhausted all the time. Consider trying a hemp-derived CBD face mask with a friend or alone amidst the holiday chaos for a quick refresh.

Know Your Priorities

To know what’s important to you is to know your priorities. There are always tasks that need to be done, but which deserve your attention? Is it setting up the holiday décor or sitting down with your partner mapping out each calculated play for the winning holiday game plan? You get to decide what tasks, events, activities, and even people are the most important. You won’t feel as overwhelmed if you focus your time and emotional energy on what gives you the most meaning.

Connect with People You Care About

Almost every holiday movie is centered around universal themes like love, family, and the occasional reindeer. Even if you can’t be with certain loved ones in person during the holidays, reach out to them to keep the holiday spirit alive with those who matter to you. You’ll both feel more connected. Consider exchanging gifts like a hemp-derived CBD lotion that can help friends and family take on the holidays with grace, just like you.

Understand Your Emotions

Though there are great things about the holidays, they can also be a stressful time for many and bring up feelings of sadness and loneliness. If you know why you are feeling a certain way, then you can anticipate it and do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself. If you aren’t sure why you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself. Either way, recognize these moments, and don’t be afraid to remove yourself from a situation to address your needs. Possibly read your favorite book, practice mindfulness during your skincare routine with a hemp-derived CBD cream, or go on a run to work off the eggnog from earlier. The point is: It’s okay to feel however you feel and take care of yourself first.

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