How Breathing Can Support Your Wellness

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Breathing is something that we all do, but few pay close attention. Your breath is usually an involuntary practice and a sign of life. However, there might be more to this constant cycle of in and out that can breathe new life into how we feel. Don’t worry; you don’t need special crystals, just a few moments of your attention. We know that can be a big ask these days, but focusing on your breath while you lather on your hemp-derived CBD lotion or take a break from work can help you quiet the world and feel like you’re glowing inside and out. 

Why Should You Focus on Breathing?

While it might first sound ineffective to focus your attention on something your body already does, it’s a natural cycle that can help you reconnect with yourself. Think of days that got away from you where you were constantly in reaction mode or trying to keep up with your busy schedule. When you live and work in a stressed mindset, it can feel more challenging to make decisions, and you may rush through things in a way you usually wouldn’t in a non-stressed state. Taking a break to be more conscious of the moment and your breathing can help you reconnect with yourself, so you’re better equipped to respond as opposed to reacting from an unconscious or emotional place.

How Do You Observe Your Breath?

One of the best parts of focusing on your breath is how simple the process can be. One method to help you observe your breathing is counting through the cycle. Try breathing in through your nose for four counts, hold the breath for seven, and exhale through the mouth for eight. Whether you do this for a minute or during your lunch break, it’s a simple process that you can add to your routine as easily as browsing social media or worrying about if someone is going to text you back while you lay in your hemp-derived CBD face mask. If you find yourself in a troubling situation where you feel stressed or overwhelmed, that can be an opportunity to bring yourself back to center to feel more grounded and balanced.

When Should I Think About My Breath?

Bringing your focus to your breath can be done as needed, and there are countless moments throughout the day to connect with your breath. It might be during your morning meeting or as an afternoon break to check in with yourself. Try to reconsider your everyday activities and see which can be optimized with some breath work or refocusing. Your skincare routine or daily walk can all become multipurpose activities that can support your wellness in various ways. Consider applying a hemp-derived CBD cream or other skincare product and focus on your breath for moments that feel reenergizing for the mind, body, and complexion.

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