How to Stay Connected with Nature

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Maintaining a strong connection with nature can help you feel more mindful. How you go about this is totally up to you. Whether you’re a camper or a less official glamper, there are creative ways to work on your relationship with nature. Using products like a hemp-derived CBD lotion that harnesses ingredients from nature can add to this connection while helping you reveal skin that looks hydrated and radiant. Read on to learn about how you can start intentionally connecting with the environment in your lifestyle.

Spend Time Outside

When you think about nature, your brain might jump to old family hikes or rugged camping trips with temporary confidence as you brave the wildlife you later hear through your tent. You don’t have to camp or even sport name-brand fleece in order to connect with nature. Instead, you can take a walk at your local park or sit under a tree with a friend to feel more grounded. Not to mention—nature is completely free. The planet offers these beautiful escapes without the extra fee, like a museum or theme park that boasts being the best place on earth. It turns out, earth is the best place, and it’s right outside your door waiting for you.

If you’re feeling more adventurous (and the weather calls for it), considering trying earthing, which is a technique that involves walking barefoot on the earth to encourage feelings of connection and positivity. So, start enjoying the vibrant outdoors, and feel free to invite your friends to the show.

Bring Nature Home with You

Another way to stay connected to nature is to incorporate it into your home. You can try anything from potpourri to incense as a way to create the aromatic experience you’re after. Consider keeping a rose spray on hand that you can spray on your face or in your home to add a pleasant, natural scent. Look for ingredients like chamomile and calendula extract to deliver anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well. Use the spray as a toner or as the perfect midday pick-me-up to reenergize your complexion and environment.

Upgrade your skincare routine further with a hemp-derived CBD cream that uses cacay oil for antioxidant activity and omegas. Or, add a hand cleanser that uses aloe vera and tea tree extract—nature’s darlings—to cleanse and moisturize your hands.

Protect Nature

Now that nature is your new best friend (or rekindled flame), it’s important that you keep it protected. Different practices, like recycling or using eco-friendly products, can help you support the planet. Consider a brand that offers products like reusable cotton pads that are soft to the touch and biodegradable. Use facial rounds to apply your other products like your hemp-derived CBD face mask with friends and family. Being mindful about the products you use can help nature last longer and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Responsible skincare brand Mind Naturals uses sustainable packaging and has some new items—a Rose Water spray, Hand Cleanser, and Reusable Cotton Pads—available soon.

About Mind Naturals

As Mind Naturals continues to change the way we see skincare, they also help us bring our focus back to the present. Their collection of high-performing products help you better connect with yourself while also delivering key ingredients that can help you reveal more radiant-looking skin. Ingredients like hemp-derived CBD, calendula, and rose are just a few of the ingredients from nature that Mind Naturals uses in their formulations. This vibrant skincare brand was founded by wellness influencer Paulina Vega and offers everything you need to support a balanced feeling and healthy-looking complexion, morning or evening. Consider trying their Hydrating Mask with a friend or hydrate on the go with their new Rose Water, available soon.

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